Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Demands 'Living Wage' For Hill Workers

New York Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezis pulling hard on her final that Congress compensate the staffers and interns a vital wage.

The Democrat, who has vowed to compensate her interns at slightest $15 an hour, common her concerns Tuesday in response to a viral twitter indicating out how lawmakers seeking delinquent interns are incompatible everybody but those abounding enough to work for free.

Her remarks on Tuesday follow identical concerns she lifted the day before when she met Capitol Hill staffers and interns who pronounced they were operative second jobs at a grill to make end’s meet. 

“It is unfair for Congress to check a vital salary for ourselves, nonetheless rest on delinquent interns underpaid busy staff” to assistance lift the workload, she wrote. 

A investigate last year by the advocacy organisation Pay Our Interns found that only 51 percent of Republican senators offer paid internships and just 31 percent of Democrats do. Things are much worse over in the House, where just 8 percent of Republican interns are paid and a measly 3.6 percent of Democrats interns are. 

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The Democrats have begun to make strides on this emanate elsewhere, however. Earlier this year, the Democratic National Committee began profitable the interns, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it would do so too after the delinquent workers orderly a corner complaint. 

Members of Congress who select not to compensate their interns don’t have much of an forgive going forward. In September, Congress approved a spending check that set aside scarcely $14 million for lawmakers to compensate their interns, including $8.8 million for the House and $5 million for the Senate. 

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