'Crazy Rich Asians' Locations You Can Visit In Real Life

4 Fort Canning Park

(CharlieTong around Getty Images)(CharlieTong around Getty Images)

Colin and Araminta’s marriage accepting takes place in Singapore’s Fort Canning Park, where Nick shows Rachel his old hideout in the gatehouse.

5 Sentosa Cove

(Darren Soh/Bloomberg around Getty Images)(Darren Soh/Bloomberg around Getty Images)

After Rachel breaks up with Nick, he hides out at Colin’s place in Sentosa Cove, a residential enclave on Sentosa Island.

6 Peranakan Houses

(zhnger around Getty Images)(zhnger around Getty Images)

While roving through Asia, Rachel sees Peranakan patio houses (à la the ones graphic above on Joo Chiat Road in Singapore). The book also mentions that Astrid owns a quarrel of ancestral Peranakan emporium houses on Singapore’s Emerald Hill.

7 Keppel Shipyard

(Munshi Ahmed/Bloomberg around Getty Images)(Munshi Ahmed/Bloomberg around Getty Images)

Colin and Araminta’s marriage guest accumulate in a room in the Keppel Shipyard in Singapore to residence a packet for the cooking accepting on a private island.

8 The Padang

(TommL around Getty Images)(TommL around Getty Images)

Astrid’s husband, Michael, recalls personification soccer every week as a teen at the Padang, an open margin in Singapore’s downtown chronological center.

9 Orchard Road

(sirastock around Getty Images)

Peik Lin shows Rachel Orchard Road and describes it as Singapore’s “version of Fifth Avenue.”

10 MacRitchie Reservoir

(Albert print around Getty Images)(Albert print around Getty Images)

Nick recalls holding long walks with his father around the MacRitchie Reservoir at eve while flourishing up.

11 Smith Street

(Bloomberg around Getty Images)(Bloomberg around Getty Images)

At the end of the book, Nick suggests Rachel, Kerry and Peik Lin go to Chinatown’s food marketplace on Smith Street in Singapore, but Peik Lin complains it will be too crowded. Nick also recalls “hunting for kueh tutu” — a normal sweetmeat — in Chinatown in his younger years.

12 The Paragon

(Munshi Ahmed/Bloomberg around Getty Images)(Munshi Ahmed/Bloomberg around Getty Images)

Astrid enjoys selling valuables at the fictional Stephen Chia Jewels in the real-life Paragon selling center on Orchard Road.

13 Old Airport Road Food Centre

(Bloomberg around Getty Images)(Bloomberg around Getty Images)

Nick also takes Rachel to the Old Airport Road Food Centre in Singapore. 

14 Lucky Plaza

(Piecework Productions around Getty Images)(Piecework Productions around Getty Images)

Eleanor insists the best place to get rojak (a normal fruit and unfeeling salad dish) in Singapore is a case on the tip building of Lucky Plaza, a selling core on Orchard Road.

15 Changi Airport

(TommL around Getty Images)(TommL around Getty Images)

When she arrives at Singapore’s Changi Airport, Rachel says she feels like she’s “at some upscale pleasant resort.”

16 Newton Food Centre

(Peter Bischoff around Getty Images)(Peter Bischoff around Getty Images)

Before the organisation settles on Lau Pa Sat, Nick mentions fondness the satay at Newton Food Centre, but Colin insists Newton is “only for expats and tourists.” In the film adaptation, however, it seems the organisation chooses Newton. 

17 Uluru

(simonbradfield around Getty Images)(simonbradfield around Getty Images)

Nick, Colin, Alistair, Mehmet and Lionel shun the Macau bachelor celebration to relax in Australia’s Northern Territory. They splash prosaic whites while gazing at Uluru, aka Ayers Rock, a large sandstone monolith.

18 Watsons Bay

(Warwick Kent around Getty Images)(Warwick Kent around Getty Images)

Nick’s father goes fishing in Watsons Bay in Sydney, Australia.

19 Hvar

(Dreamer4787 around Getty Images)(Dreamer4787 around Getty Images)

Colin and Araminta go to the Croatian island of Hvar for their honeymoon. 

20 Cameron Highlands

(sitriel around Getty Images)(sitriel around Getty Images)

Nick skeleton to introduce to Rachel in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

21 Christ Church Malacca

(ojogabonitoo around Getty Images)(ojogabonitoo around Getty Images)

While pushing to the Cameron Highlands, Nick and Rachel stop in the city of Malacca to see the “distinctive crimson-hued masquerade of Christ Church, built by the Dutch.”

22 The Lakehouse

(Walter Bibikow around Getty Images)(Walter Bibikow around Getty Images)

After the catastrophic confront with his mom and grandmother in the Cameron Highlands, Nick books Rachel a room at The Lakehouse, a Tudor-style hotel in the “Valley of Eternal Spring.”

23 Repulse Bay

(@ Didier Marti around Getty Images)(@ Didier Marti around Getty Images)

Astrid takes a speedboat through Repulse Bay in Hong Kong to accommodate Charlie on a three-masted Chinese junk.

24 Lantau Island

(yuliang11 around Getty Images)(yuliang11 around Getty Images)

While sailing in Hong Kong, Charlie and Astrid pass Lantau Island, and Charlie bows at the bronze “Big Buddha” statue.

25 Aberdeen Harbour

(king1robert around Getty Images)(king1robert around Getty Images)

Eddie keeps a 64-foot yacht called Kaiser at Aberdeen Marina in Hong Kong.

26 Lung King Heen

(Paul Yeung/Bloomberg around Getty Images)(Paul Yeung/Bloomberg around Getty Images)

Kitty and Alistair run into Serena Oh at Lung King Heen, a three-Michelin-star grill at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.

27 The Landmark

(Bobby Yip / Reuters)(Bobby Yip / Reuters)

Astrid walks through the Landmark selling mall in Hong Kong on her way to Charlie’s office.

28 Wynn Macau

(Wibowo Rusli around Getty Images)(Wibowo Rusli around Getty Images)

Bernard books a penthouse apartment at the wealthy Wynn Macau for Colin’s bachelor celebration in the south seashore of China.

29 Shenzhen

(LIAO XUN around Getty Images)(LIAO XUN around Getty Images)

Eleanor and her friends transport to the Chinese city of Shenzhen to emporium and do some digging into Rachel’s past.

30 Four Seasons Hotel, George V

(Stephane Mahe / Reuters)(Stephane Mahe / Reuters)

Astrid and Charlie stayed together at the Hotel George V (now the Four Seasons Hotel, George V) in Paris in 1995.

31 Mariage Frères

(Tuul  Bruno Morandi around Getty Images)(Tuul  Bruno Morandi around Getty Images)

Astrid remembers her time in Paris with Charlie, during which they had lunch at the oppulance tea residence Mariage Frères.

32 Le Grand Véfour

(LIONEL BONAVENTURE around Getty Images)(LIONEL BONAVENTURE around Getty Images)

During their time in Paris, Astrid and Charlie dined at Le Grand Véfour.

33 Post Ranch Inn

(Holger Leue around Getty Images)(Holger Leue around Getty Images)

Peik Lin used to take Rachel out to eat at the lush Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California, during their years at Stanford.

34 Washington Square Park

(Leonid Andronov around Getty Images)(Leonid Andronov around Getty Images)

Rachel and Nick travel through Washington Square Park on their first date in New York City.

35 Tea Sympathy

(Barcroft around Getty Images)(Barcroft around Getty Images)

Nick invites Rachel to spend the summer in Asia over afternoon tea at Tea Sympathy in the West Village in New York.

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