'El Chapo' hearing reveals drug lord's adore life, business dealings

By Brendan Pierson and Daina Beth Solomon

(Reuters) – On a standard day, Mexican drug duke Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman would arise at noon and make calls while strolling underneath the trees in the plateau of his local Sinaloa state, where he was in hiding, a declare recently testified at the kingpin’s trial.

The barbarous gangster’s personal life and business exchange have left on open arrangement since mid-November at a building in New York, where Guzman faces 17 rapist depends and a probable life sentence.

U.S. prosecutors, who contend Guzman amassed a $14 billion happening by bribery, murder and bootlegging drugs, have bolstered their box by job to the mount law coercion officers as well as Guzman’s former associates, including one who says she was his partner and another whose hermit was among his tip allies.

The charge might rest as early as Monday, branch the box over to Guzman’s invulnerability lawyers, who explain the 61-year-old whose nickname means “Shorty” had a smaller purpose in the Sinaloa Cartel than prosecutors claim.

Here are some of the most colorful tales from new weeks in the courtroom:


– Guzman’s voice was “sing-songy” with a “nasally undertone,” pronounced FBI representative Steven Marston. In one available call, Guzman tells an associate, “Don’t be so oppressive … take it easy with the police.” The partner responds: “You taught us to be a wolf.”

– Text messages between Guzman and his wife, Emma Coronel, mostly incited to family matters. “Our Kiki is fearless,” Guzman wrote in one, referring to one of their daughters. “I’m going to give her an AK-47 so she can hang with me.”

– After Coronel pronounced she saw a questionable car, Guzman wrote to her, “You go forward and lead a normal life. That’s it.” Later he reminds her: “Make sure you undo all after we’re finished chatting.”


– Multiple “wives” visited Guzman when he was stealing in Sinaloa, pronounced Alex Cifuentes, a former tighten partner.

– Lucero Sanchez Lopez, a former Mexican lawmaker, told jurors she once had a regretful attribute with Guzman, who sent her to buy and boat marijuana. “I didn’t want for him to distrust me because we suspicion he could also harm me,” she said. “I was confused about my possess feelings over him. Sometimes we desired him and infrequently we didn’t.”

– Agustina Cabanillas, a partner of Guzman’s who called him “love,” set up drug deals by flitting information between Guzman and others. In one message, Cabinillas called Guzman a “jerk” who was perplexing to view on her. “Guess what? I’m smarter than him,” she wrote.


– Guzman’s Sinaloa Cartel fed bribes, some in the millions of dollars, to Mexican officials at every level, pronounced Jesus Zambada, the hermit of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, who worked alongside El Chapo and is still at large.

– Beneficiaries enclosed a high-ranking military central who fed Guzman information on military activities “every day,” pronounced Miguel Angel Martinez, a former conglomeration manager.

– Guzman once paid $100 million to former President Enrique Pena Nieto, Cifuentes said. Pena Nieto has denied holding any bribes.

– When detained in Mexico in 2016, Guzman bribed a inhabitant jail central $2 million to be eliminated to a different facility, but the pierce was unsuccessful.


– After a opposition conglomeration member declined to shake Guzman’s hand, he systematic the male killed, fueling a fight between the cartels, Zambada said.

– When assassins stating to Guzman killed a military central who worked for a rival, Zambada said, they lured him out of his residence by sanctimonious they had strike his son with a car.

– Guzman systematic Cifuentes to kill the conglomeration communications consultant after training he was auxiliary with the FBI. But Cifuentes pronounced he was incompetent to lift out the strike because he did not know the man’s last name.

– When Damazo Lopez Nunez, a tip major to Guzman, told his trainer that a Mexican mayor wanted them to “remove” a heavy military officer, Guzman told him they should do her the preference because the mayor was a favorite for an arriving state election, Lopez testified. He pronounced Guzman told him to make the murdering look like punish from a squad member.

– Lopez also pronounced Guzman’s sons killed a distinguished contributor in Sinaloa because he published an essay about conglomeration infighting opposite their wishes.

– One of Guzman’s former bodyguards, Isaias Valdez Rios, pronounced he watched his trainer privately kill 3 opposition conglomeration members. Guzman shot one of them and systematic his underlings to bury the male while he was panting for air. On another occasion, Guzman tortured two group for hours before sharpened them each in the conduct and grouping their bodies tossed into a fiery pit.


– For a duration of Guzman’s time as a refugee in Sinaloa in northern Mexico, his posse lived in “humble hunger huts” with coloured windows, satellite televisions and washer-dryers, Cifuentes said. About 50 guards shaped 3 rings around the homes to keep watch.

– Guzman transient into a hovel dim underneath a bathtub when U.S. agents raided one of his homes in 2014, pronounced Sanchez, his lover. She followed Guzman, who was totally naked, into the passage, feeling H2O drip down her legs. “It was very dim and we was very scared,” she said.

– Guzman’s mother helped her father hovel out of a Mexican jail in 2015 by flitting messages to his associates, Lopez testified. She unsuccessfully attempted to assistance him transcribe the shun when he was prisoner the subsequent year.

(Reporting by Brendan Pierson in New York; Additional stating and essay by Daina Beth Solomon in Mexico City; Editing by Tom Brown)

Article source: https://news.yahoo.com/el-chapo-trial-reveals-drug-lords-love-life-210656652.html

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