Fairfax: Sexual-Assault Claim a ‘Smear’ Meant to Block Path to Governor’s Mansion

Virginia major administrator Justin Fairfax on Monday called the sexual-assault explain intended opposite him Sunday night a “smear” and pragmatic the explain was publicized by domestic enemies vigilant on restraint his climb to the governorship.

“Does anybody think it’s any fluke that on the eve of potentially my being towering that that’s when this uncorroborated claim comes out?” Fairfax told reporters at the state capitol when asked if he believed the claim, modernized by the magnanimous Collective PAC, that embattled administrator Ralph Northam’s group disseminated the allegation.

Fairfax is staid to assume the governorship should Northam cavern to the ascent calls for his resignation, which began Friday after it was suggested that a print depicting one male in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan uniform was featured on his 1984 medical-school-yearbook page. Northam primarily apologized and conceded that he did seem in the print on Friday evening. Then, during a Saturday afternoon press conference, he rescinded the acknowledgment and pronounced that, while he did not seem in the print in question, he did “darken his face” with shoe gloss for a Michael Jackson dress he wore in college.

Without fixing him specifically, an unnamed lady indicted a politician that fit Fairfax’s outline of intimately assaulting her in a hotel room during the Democratic National Convention in 2004 in a post published Sunday night by Big League Politics, the worried website that first published the Northam annual photo.

Fairfax certified to carrying a consensual passionate confront with the lady in a Monday matter but denied ever carrying assaulted anyone, citing the Washington Post‘srefusal to publish, and inability to corroborate, the women’s claims as justification of his innocence.


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Article source: https://news.yahoo.com/fairfax-sexual-assault-claim-smear-214117512.html

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