Ford recalls 874,000 pickups in US, Canada on glow risk

Ford is recalling 874,000 of the best-selling F-series pickup trucks due to glow risk from the engine retard heater system, the association announced Friday.

The problem occurs when there is gnawing in a connector in the engine retard heater, which is used in trucks to keep engines comfortable on cold days. Corrosion can make the system inoperable, or means a brief circuit, the association said.

Ford pronounced it is wakeful of 3 fires due to the defect, with one occurrence heading to teenager damage. The association pronounced the problem is not suspicion to have caused any injuries.

“Dealers will check the engine retard heater wire and reinstate it if it is shop-worn or corroded,” the association said. 

“If there are no signs of repairs or corrosion, dealers will request dielectric douse to the splice connector and reconnect.”

The remember affects F-150 trucks from 2015-2019 built at plants in Michigan and Missouri and 2017-2019 F-series Super Duty vehicles built in Kentucky and Ohio.

Slightly over half the vehicles are in Canada, with the residue entrance from the United States.

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