Fox Business Network presenter blames schools training ‘fairness’ as check shows support for aloft taxes on multi-millionaires

A Fox Business Network presenter blamed the fact schools have being training children “fairness” after the organisation’s possess polling showed there was strenuous support for aloft taxes on multi-millionaires.

Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren has due a “wealth tax” for those earning more than $50m and has won support from both Democrats and Republicans.

Recent polling has shown that the American open is widely understanding of the move.

A sum of 70 per cent of people are in foster of lifting taxes on those earning more than $10m and 65 per cent upheld taxation rises for those earning more than $1m, according to a new Fox News poll.

In response to the poll, Charles Payne, horde of Fox Business Network’s Making Money with Charles Payne, said: “The thought of integrity has been promoted in our schools for a long time.

“We are starting to see kids that grew up with the idea of integrity above all and now they are apropos opinion age they are bringing this beliefs with them.”

The shave was common widely on amicable media, with many responding with dismay.

Twitter user Dan Holden said: “As a teacher, we am so happy to find out that my devise is working.”

While Neliza Drew added: “How brave people grow up desiring in integrity or justice.”

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