'Holy grail for civic explorers': Abandoned airfield solidified in time

The “Holy Grail for civic explorers” has been prisoner on film documenting the inside of the time-capsule deserted airport, solidified in time at the year 1974. Due to the very high confidence and unchanging patrols, very few people make it inside Nicosia Airport, nearby Lakatamia in Cyprus, Greece, according to YouTube group Exploring the Unbeaten Path. The small site authorised primarily wealthier people to leave the country, until it was inebriated and left to spoil in 1974 following Turkish invasion. For the last 44 years, the airfield has solemnly decomposed. (Caters News)

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Article source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/holy-grail-urban-explorers-abandoned-slideshow-wp-102403215.html

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