‘I felt most lighter in some-more than weight’ – My detox in an Austrian medical spa

I was allergy tested using flesh contrast and found that we had an overgrowth of candida, gluten dogmatism and lactose dogmatism and that this would explain my new discomfort.

She told me she had worked in oncology for years until she decided, rather than treating people when they were already ill, she would like to work in medicine medicine. Dr Nadja has been at the hospital since it non-stop in 2005. Dr Harald Stossier and his mother Dr Christine Stossier also work at the hospital and all the physicians are competent doctors, as well as nutritionists.

I was prescribed a despotic sugar-free diet for 3 weeks to be continued at home and no gluten (bread, biscuits, cakes etc) or lactose (milk, yogurt, chocolate) for another two months, after which we can start to reintroduce the dishes again.

Article source: https://www.independent.ie/life/travel/europe/i-felt-much-lighter-in-more-than-weight-my-detox-in-an-austrian-medical-spa-36854190.html

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