In no-deal Brexit, EU seeks to equivocate short-term crash

By Philip Blenkinsop and Robin Emmott

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union set out short-term measures on Wednesday to extent intrusion to atmosphere traffic, financial services and trade if Britain left the confederation but a understanding subsequent March.

However, in a pointer that a no-deal Brexit would not be business as usual, there would be new checks to now frictionless trade, which could lead to tail-backs nearby ports and delays to deliveries.

Every conveyance of live animals or animal products from Britain would face controls at EU borders and Britons would remove the right to ride with their pets using EU pet passports.

The European Union would only concede British trucks to lift products into the bloc, presumption also Britain authorised EU trucks in, until the end of subsequent year.

The European Commission, which presented the plans, also warned of aloft charges for using credit or withdraw cards because EU manners tying such fees would no longer apply.

Asked if the European Union was charity Britain a comparatively appealing no-deal option, Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis told a news discussion the measures were simply designed to extent disruption.

Dombrovskis pronounced that the best way to equivocate harming the British economy would be for Britain to stay in the European Union. In the box of Brexit, the withdrawal agreement concluded with the British supervision was better than no deal.

“In the box of no deal, doing some credentials to extent repairs is better than not doing any credentials at all,” he said.

The Commission’s measures cover transport, financial services, etiquette and limit checks, taxation and meridian change and will need to be corroborated by the European Parliament and the 27 countries remaining in the EU.

The EU executive due permitting British airlines to fly to and from EU airports for 12 months, presumption Britain offering homogeneous rights to EU airlines.

The confederation would also recognize UK clearing houses for financial derivatives for a year.

The Commission, which is coordinating the European Union’s response to Brexit, also called on the 27 other EU governments to concede British nationals vital in their countries to stay and work from Mar 29, the day Britain is due to leave.

The Commission was penetrating to highlight that the measures were singular in time. It also pronounced that the strait measures would not request to British domain Gibraltar, which has an active financial services sector.

(Reporting by Robin Emmott and Philip Blenkinsop)

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