'Life-and-death' cold grips eastern, Midwest United States

Jan 21 (Reuters) – Winter winds brought impassioned cold and ice-slicked roads to the Midwestern and Eastern United States on Monday, with the U.S. Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and an ongoing supervision shutdown permitting many to mind central recommendation to stay indoors.

The arctic blast of wintry atmosphere has followed a Jan charge that dumped more than a feet (30 cm) of sleet and sleet opposite the Northeast, which started melting Sunday.

Temperatures fell to single-digits Fahrenheit (about -20 C) from New York City to Boston and through northern New England and froze melting sleet late on Sunday and early Monday, pronounced Marc Chenard at the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland. Winds up to 30 to 40 miles per hour (48-64 kph) combined presumably lethal breeze chill.

“This is really dangerous, life-and-death kind of continue happening,” Chenard said. “Minnesota and Wisconsin will see temperatures in the disastrous 20s.”

“Boston will be just 3 degrees (Fahrenheit) this morning, with breeze chills of reduction 12 or more,” he said. “New York City and D.C. will be in that same range, maybe attack the teenagers after today. It’ll be record or near-record cold.”

The NWS released wind-chill advisories and warnings for more than 10 states, from North Dakota and to East Coast civil centers.

High temperatures for Monday are foresee at 17 Fahrenheit (minus 8 Celsius) for New York City and 12 F (minus 11 C) for Boston.

Many Americans had the day off work on Monday, possibly because of the holiday or because they are among the furloughed sovereign supervision workers who find themselves in the longest shutdown in U.S. history, caused by an corner over appropriation U.S. President Donald Trump’s skeleton to build more barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border.

More than 6,000 flights were delayed, mostly in New York and New England, according to FlightAware.com, down from more than 14,000 on Sunday. More than 500 flights were canceled early Monday compared with more than 2,000 Sunday, the website reported.

Tuesday’s continue will be only somewhat warmer, Chenard said, with temperatures reaching the low 20s Fahrenheit in the Northeast. By Wednesday, some areas such as Boston will be in the high 30s or low 40s. Washington D.C. temperatures might strech 50 degrees, he said.

But the comparatively warmer temperatures won’t last. Another arctic blast is on the way in time for subsequent weekend. (Reportihng by Rich McKay in Atlanta, additional stating by Jonathan Allen in New York; Editing by Scott Malone and Nick Zieminski)

Article source: https://news.yahoo.com/life-death-cold-grips-eastern-143432482.html

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