Nancy's back, behind again

Hey Short Listers! A ancestral new Congress convened today, but you’re still stranded with the same Short List editors as yesterday. Mabinty Quarshie and Mary Bowerman are here to pierce you the most engaging news of the day. 

New Democratic House tells Trump: It’s a new day around here 

Democrats took the House back as the 116th Congress convened Thursday. And the new freshman and comparison Democrats comparison are wasting no time articulate about what’s next. Here’s a look at what sets the new Congress apart, and what members plan to do in 2019: 

A illness that killed Amish babies might offer a glance into destiny medicine

In insular Amish communities, children are mostly the victims of biological chance, pang from singular genetic conditions that branch from interwoven family trees. Surprisingly, the form of caring medically formidable Amish children accept is expected the destiny of medicine for the wider population. In Delaware, the Millers have had 3 children die of a singular commotion that doctors at one time didn’t have a name for. Nothing doctors attempted could save John David or Carolyn or Martha Ann Miller. But can they save cousin Grace?  

Real quick:

A first: China lands on the ‘dark’ side of the moon

China landed on the distant side of the moon Thursday, “a first for amiability and an considerable accomplishment,” as NASA director Jim Bridenstine tweeted. So what does it look like? A photo taken at 11:40 a.m. by China’s Chang’e 4 booster shows a small void and a empty surface — not so dim after all. The distant side features more craters, some of which are the size of small countries, noted. The pierce aims to uncover off China’s flourishing space ambitions to the U.S. and Russia, but the Chinese might get some food out of it, too: The qualification carried 6 live class from Earth, including potatoes with skeleton to form a mini-biosphere.

And the Golden Globe goes to …

Move over holiday season, it’s time to give out the changed metal. The 76th annual Golden Globes uncover front this Sunday. The rite is the first vital esteem of endowment season, heading up to February’s Academy Awards. Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh had such a good time as presenters at September’s Emmy ceremony that they’re hosting the Globes. If you’re wondering because you should balance in we lay out 5 big reasons. Hint: Everyone’s got skin in this game. Who will win and who should win? USA TODAY predicts in the tip movie categories.

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