Ravive Health & Vitality expands services in Point Loma – You can revitalise during Ravive a holistic wellness core that only stretched the services in Point Loma Village. “This is a medical weight-loss and nourishment lifestyle module ” pronounced Howard Flamm…

Clinic manager/medical partner Alexis Joyner (left), and hospital executive and owners Howard Flamm (right) in their newly-expanded hospital space.


You can revitalise at Ravive, a holistic wellness core that just stretched the services in Point Loma Village.

“This is a medical weight-loss and nourishment lifestyle program,” pronounced Howard Flamm, hospital director/nutrition manager for Ravive Health Vitality.

Noting his business name is “a play on words, branding you’ll remember,” Flamm pronounced that what Ravive is not is a trendy, starvation-diet character program.

“It’s a training program,” he said. “There’s lots of coaching and diagnostics. We’ve had people who’ve mislaid 30, 40, 50 pounds.”

The services Ravive provides embody acupuncture, massage, I-Lipo laser treatment, vitamin and vegetable injection, IV infusion, internal cryotherapy and an oxygen bar.

“We have cryotherapy, distillate and oxygen bar therapy,” remarkable hospital manager/medical partner Alexis Joyner. “The cryo is more for people with localized pain. The IV is for people who need to rehydrate for an altogether boost, and the oxygen bar is good for headaches or migraines because you’re removing purer oxygen, which helps your mind function.”

“The virtues of cold therapy really have some extraordinary systematic evidence,” concurred Flamm about cryotherapy. He remarkable Ravive has the only, electric-powered, German-made internal cryotherapy appurtenance in San Diego. 

“The customer that purchased it right before us was the Miami Dolphins, which used it on the sidelines. It has good applications. It really gets the physique doing the possess work.”

Of his other healing procedures in his new, second-story suite, Flamm remarkable his oxygen bar “is the only one handling in San Diego. It’s good for people who have highlight and anxiety, respiratory issues, etc. The IV distillate therapy we do with vitamins and minerals helps with certain ailments and detoxification. It’s the only one in Point Loma.”

“Our idea is to have every customer leave with more believe about their health and how to residence their medical needs holistically,” according to Ravive’s website. “We want them to remove peculiarity weight, which includes progressing flesh mass.” 

The dietary apportionment of Ravive’s program, Ideal Protein, is a specifically designed line of medically grown nourishment products. Ideal offers a full operation of dietary options including snacks, drinks, dishes and soups.

Flamm and Joyner concluded the Peninsula is the best place for them.

“We want to assistance people,” pronounced Joyner. “We want people to not hurt, be healthier, happier, and altogether feel better.”

“We’re happy to be assisting this village charity healthy health medicine treatments, which helps with people’s appetite and lean-body mass,” pronounced Flamm. “We have walk-ins every day. We like the whole friendly aspect of where we are. We’re motivated, feeling the vibe of assisting to revive health and wellness.”

Ravive Health Vitality

2907 Shelter Island Drive, 2nd floor



Article source: http://www.sdnews.com/view/full_story/27627343/article--Ravive-Health---Vitality-expands-services-in-Point-Loma-?instance=sdnews

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