Rudy Giuliani Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist Because He Doesn't Understand The Internet

Rudy Giuliani pushed out a swindling speculation about Twitter on Tuesday because he apparently doesn’t know how the internet works.

The tale began before the weekend when Giuliani, who is President Donald Trump’s counsel and adviser on cybersecurity issues, inadvertently combined a URL with this typo-ridden tweet:

His disaster to leave a opening between “G-20.” and “In” meant Twitter interpreted it to be a website (.In is the internet domain prolongation for sites in India.)

The amicable media height automatically combined a hyperlink over the text. Someone beheld G-20.In was unregistered, bought it for themselves and posted the summary “Donald J. Trump is a hypocrite to our country.” It meant Giuliani was unintentionally joining to the anti-Trump message. His twitter is still live.

The class A trolling finally came to Giuliani’s courtesy Tuesday.

Here’s how the former sovereign prosecutor and former New York City mayor explained it:

With his tweet, Giuliani seemed to doubt because a couple hadn’t also been placed over the territory “Helsinki.Either” ― where he’d serve unsuccessful to leave a space.

However, there is no domain prolongation for .Either. Fellow Twitter users fundamentally had some fun with his gaffe:

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