Syrian army reinforced tighten to front with Turkish-backed forces

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian supervision infantry corroborated by Russian army have sent additional infantry toward the city of Manbij in coordination with the company that controls it, a company orator said, as Turkish-backed Syrian rebels pronounced they were scheming to conflict it.

The deployment was concurrent with the U.S.-backed company in Manbij, the orator for the Manbij Military Council said.

It is part of the wider buildup of army in the area.

“The conflict will shortly start,” Major Youssef Hamoud, orator for the National Army, the categorical Turkish-backed insurgent force in the area, told Reuters.

“What we see on the front now is reinforcements to all army to strech full preparedness for the battle.”

President Donald Trump’s devise to repel U.S. infantry from Syria has triggered alarm among the mostly Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

They have partnered with Washington in the quarrel opposite Islamic State and now fear the U.S. pierce will open the way for Turkey to launch a long-threatened conflict opposite them.

“The Russian army has easy the Syrian-Russian coordination core to Arima encampment to the west of Manbij city, after the withdrawal from there a while ago,” pronounced Sharfan Darwish, the orator for the Manbij Military Council.

Manbij was seized in 2016 from Islamic State by Syrian company associated to the SDF, which control roughly a entertain of Syria. Its constraint was a miracle in the U.S.-backed debate opposite Islamic State.

In June, the United States and Turkey reached an agreement that would see the Syrian Kurdish YPG company suspended from the town, but Turkey says the doing has been delayed. In Nov Turkish and U.S. infantry began corner patrols in the region.

Turkey is dynamic to cranky to the easterly of the Euphrates stream in northern Syria as shortly as possible, Ankara’s unfamiliar apportion was quoted as observant on Tuesday.

Ankara regards the YPG as terrorists and has been murderous by U.S. support for the organisation in the quarrel opposite Islamic State.

Trump’s sudden preference to lift infantry out of Syria has handed the quarrel opposite Islamic State over to Turkey – and effectively given Ankara the immature light to pull into remaining Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Syria.

(Reporting by Rodi Saeid and Khalil al-Shawi; Writing by Dahlia Nehme; Editing by Andrew Roche)

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