'Tomorrow we'll be in paradise': Islamic State supporters pronounce from besieged enclave

By Lisa Barrington

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Even as it faced approaching better in the last populated domain in eastern Syria, Islamic State made a new promotion film job on the few remaining residents of the cold, besieged outpost to say their prayers and find retreat in God.

“Servants of God, keep reciting your prayers and ask for forgiveness,” the loudspeaker of a beaten up outpost cries as it tours the rickety stay in the video. “Repent and ask God for forgiveness, oh servants of God, for maybe the almighty will find a way out for us.”

The video’s tinge is a distant cry from the jihadist group’s progressing productions, which boasted of victories in holding over around a third of Syria and Iraq at the tallness in 2014 and summoned supporters around the universe to join a flourishing society.

While acknowledging the troops setbacks in the face of a tellurian debate opposite it, Islamic State uses the new film to titillate supporters to say their faith in IS even in adversity.


The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces pronounced on Tuesday the conflict to constraint the besieged enclave of Baghouz, nearby the Iraqi border, was as good as over.

“Tomorrow, God willing, we will be in bliss and they will be blazing in hell,” pronounced an Islamic State member whom the video identified as Abu Abd al-Azeem, whose debate is peppered with Koranic recitations.

Though the earthy “caliphate” it announced in 2014 is now in ruins, the video showed Islamic State has not renounced the explain to be the contemporary heirs to Islam’s Prophet Mohammed, emperor over all Muslim lands and people.

“The infidels laughed at, flustered us in this world, but quarrel has the ups and downs and the conflict is not over,” al-Azeem said, adding that IS personality Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the only Muslim personality on earth today.

Azeem, wrapped in a thick winter cloak, sits on the belligerent around a bubbling cooking pot. Next to him is a bored-looking child of around 10 years old, peering out from a thick cloak hood.


The SDF has been laying encircle to Baghouz for weeks but regularly deferred the final conflict to concede the depletion of thousands of civilians, many of them wives and children of Islamic State insurgents. The conflict resumed on Sunday, corroborated by bloc atmosphere strikes.

The video, uploaded to IS online channels overnight, shows a village vital on farmland in serious dwellings made of blankets, tents, trucks and trailers.

Men eat soup-like food from pots cooking on outside fires, sitting on upturned buckets or on the floor. As thousands of people flooded out of Baghouz in new weeks, many told of serious shortages, with people reduced to eating weed at times.

Azeem implores watchers not to concentration on secular conditions, suggesting those still in Baghouz were martyrs as he referenced part of the Koran that describes how a organisation of people were burnt in a embankment because of their clever faith in God.

After the remarkable allege opposite swathes of Syria and Iraq in 2014, Islamic State’s indiscriminate massacre or passionate subjugation of minorities and the unusual open killings roused tellurian anger.

Al-Azeem says all IS wanted to do was request God’s law.

“Why are we inebriated by planes, because do all the nations of the faithless universe come together to quarrel us? … What is our guilt? What is our crime? We (just) wanted to request the sharia of God,” he said.

Titled “The Meaning of Constancy, from Baghouz”, the video is antiquated with the Islamic month of Rajab, which began on Mar 9, but it is misleading accurately when it was filmed.

Over the course of the video, dozens of group with faces wrapped in scarves, immature boys and the occasional lady dressed in black robes are seen logging around the encampment.

A bustling categorical travel in the enclave is lined with small trucks and tent structures. People make their way along the travel by engine bike or on foot.

IS still operates in remote domain elsewhere in Syria and Iraq and it is widely assessed that it will continue to paint a manly confidence hazard after the tumble of Baghouz.

“Do not be afraid, brothers, be contented and have faith,” pronounced a male the video called Abu Addallah. A black balaclava vaporous all but his eyes, and he spoke with a North African accent.

(Additional stating by Ali Abdelaty in Cairo and Laila Bassam in Beirut; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

Article source: https://news.yahoo.com/tomorrow-well-paradise-islamic-state-followers-speak-besieged-151556659.html

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